Fight Fatigue the Most Natural Way


Here is an unrelated picture of a coffee cup.

Lately, I’ve been feeling extra tired and run down. I’m always a little more tired than I should be, but it seems like I’m starting to border on non-functional. I’ve been a little concerned about this and thought it might be time for professional intervention, so I turned to Google to see what doctors have to say about battling fatigue.

The research is conclusive: sleep more, exercise, take vitamins. See how easy it is to feel better? So based on that research, I made one simple change in my life:

I started drinking a second cup of coffee every day.

It’s a new afternoon ritual that brings joy to my day, and it gives me an extra jolt of productivity just when I’m starting to fade. Plus, I can still stay up late to the point of nausea every night! And that is a healthy change I can embrace. 🙂

I Hiked Alone and Didn’t Die!

Hiking is so popular in LA that even I have done it a few times. It’s an activity that involves nature, strenuous activity, and general discomfort, but sometimes I’m forcibly dragged on one anyway. So I whine a lot and try to make the other person turn around and get ice cream after ten minutes. Usually that doesn’t work thought, and I go on a hike. But never alone, until now!

I took the day off work for a thing that ultimately got cancelled, so I found myself with a rare free morning. I thought a calm, solo hike would be a great way to break my routine and re-center. And because I love failing at things, I chose the Wisdom Tree. It’s a short but rugged hike that ends at the top of a peak where there is one lone tree. It’s awesome! But usually I don’t make it to the top, because I’m out of shape.

When I was alone, I whined less. I whined to strangers on the trail a little, but mostly I was quiet. The walk from my car to the start of the hike was already a steep hill, so I was tired before I began. Then my legs grew heavier with every step. But I kept going! I climbed and climbed until…


….I got tired and gave up. I didn’t make it to the top. But I probably made it over halfway up, and then I went to get a breakfast burrito, so I still consider it a huge success 🙂

Fashion Update: It’s Hard to Pee in a Romper


It’s hard to see the whole thing from this angle, but fun pool right?

A few months ago, I expressed my resolve to wear these nerve-wracking outfits. Well, it took some time, but I finally wore that romper. I wore it to dinner during a bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs, and the ensemble was quite a success.

The romper is cute! I added a thick belt for a more defined silhouette, and a lacy blue bandeau bra helped with the backless-ness situation. It also features straps that crisscross in the back and have to be snapped in. This makes peeing next to impossible – it involves completely undressing. Then when you’re done, you have to sort out the strap situation, contorting your arms behind you to snap it closed while someone bangs on the bathroom door at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Palm Springs and you can’t figure out why one of the straps keeps twisting. Anyway, big fan of the romper! Excited to wear it again.


Does this donut make up for the fact that I forgot to get a photo of the back of the romper?

Photo credit: Lori Lewis