I Went to the Desert

As a successful lifestyle blogger, I have to disclose every time I go to the desert, or a spa, or a beach, or Palm Springs (especially Palm Springs). And I went to the desert. I took some pictures of it so you’d know I was there.

This is the road to the desert.

This is the desert

This is still the desert.

This also the desert, which is at its core a creepy place.

I took some selfies in the desert. Don’t be fooled by my tanned body and cheery expression, it was pretty cold there.

So as you can see, like all the other lifestyle bloggers, I have vacationed in the desert. And that, my friends, is what I call a success 🙂

4 Things I Love: Beach Edition

I know, I know, every Wednesday I’m supposed to bring you a list of four things to love from the previous week. But loving things takes a lot of energy, and this week I just wasn’t up to the challenge. Also it is currently Friday.

So I bailed on everything and went to the beach!

I might be a deeply unfun person who does not love the beach, but I DO love some other things.

We went wine tasting, and I love wine.

My friend Carly came to town, and I love Carly!

Brigid buried John in sand, and I love other people’s misfortune!

This photo is heavily filtered, and I love pretending that it’s reality!