Travel Fashion: I Wore an Outfit

As a successful lifestyle blogger it’s important to travel a lot to expand my lifestyle, so I took one trip and will milk it for two weeks of posts. When traveling, you can’t just wear any outfit, you have to wear an outfit. So I wore one.

I wore this outfit in front of a mural.

I love this ensemble I wore one day in Chicago, so I don’t know, maybe you should wear it too? The thing I love most about this outfit is that it contains articles of clothing that go together. It features a skirt I acquired at a clothing swap, some thrift store boots, an old white tshirt from Target, and a sweater whose origin I don’t remember. So good luck finding any of these pieces, but maybe try?

I wore this outfit in front of Del Close.

I wore this outfit while I ate a sandwich. (Not pictured: most of outfit)

I wore this outfit on the brown line. (Not pictured: outfit or brown line)


I wore this outfit while I looked at these toy cars in a parking lot. (Not pictured: me, outfit)

Photo and Train Friendship By Cynthia Bangert

4 Buildings I Love This Week

One of the most important parts of being a successful lifestyle blogger is traveling to exotic, adequate locations. And my travels to Chicago last week reminded me that I took these photos of places in Chicago. I’ve been slacking on my “four arbitrary things” lately, so please enjoy these four photos of a Chicago that I love. These four photos are very arbitrary!

A SandwichQuest Origin Story

I started SandwichQuest to find the perfect sandwich in Los Angeles, but I already knew that the perfect sandwich existed in Chicago.

The sandwich of my dreams comes from an unassuming storefront in lakeview called Panes Bread Cafe. They make their own bread and everything I’ve ever ordered there has been incredible. But nothing compares to the Turkey Turkey. It’s a simple turkey sandwich with avocado, roasted red pepper and chipotle mayo on a soft/crispy tomato bread. And as with all the simplest things, there’s nothing simple about it. The favors meld in a way that’s cosmically transcendent, and I thought about the sandwich so much that I started SandwichQuest to replace it, like rebounding to get over an old lover.

I used to love this sandwich when I lived in Chicago, and as with all old loves, I was afraid I was building it up the more I pined for it. It would be never be able to live up to the sandwich in my memories.

My friend Cynthia humored my deep love for this sandwich and we hit Panes almost immediately when I got to Chicago this week. To my relief, amazement, and delight, the Turkey Turkey was just as I remembered it. SandwichQuest continues, but this will always be my sandwich.

Grade: A+

Spiritual Wholeness Quotient: On par with discovering a box of old photos that should be faded and discolored, and finding that instead they are even more vibrant than you remembered

4 Things I Love: Time is Meaningless!



Soon. Sandwich.

It is not Wednesday, nor is it last Wednesday (which I skipped), but time is merely a human-designed construct, so LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF I LOVE!

  1. Easy Answers. Most questions in life don’t have easy answers. Why are we here?, for example, or What is the meaning of all of this? But over the weekend, dozens of flies turned up in my house and they were all dying. Gross! Also, unsettling! Poisonous gases? But one quick google of “flies are dying in my house” told me that it’s just cluster flies, which sound fake but are real. The hide in the walls and emerge on a hot day, dying all at once. Gross! But easily explained. But gross.
  2. Anticipation. SandwichQuest is leading me all the way to Chicago next week, and I can’t wait. It’s the kind of excitement that, for me, only comes with getting to go back home and/or eat my favorite sandwich. What I’m saying is, stay tuned for the next installment of SandwichQuest
  3. Drinking Alone. Being at bars by myself makes me extremely anxious, but I was feeling writers block-y this week and coffee shops weren’t doing the trick. I ventured to happy hour at a dark bar by myself, laptop in tow. I sequestered myself away in a dark corner, was ignored by everybody, and got drunk on happy hour old fashioneds. Also it was pretty productive. And I don’t remember the walk home!
  4. This Video. I don’t know, I just like it.

4 Things I Love This Week


I’ll be very ill if I don’t have this!

It’s important to me that you care what I, a successful lifestyle blogger, am into every week. Well, since you asked…

  1. Afternoon Coffee. I’ve been desperately addicted to my morning cup of coffee for a while now. I love the ritual of racing the clock to get to that sweet caffeine before the headache kicks in. But it’s become routine and stale. Yesterday, though, I made myself an afternoon cup of coffee. It felt as joyful as that morning cup used to feel, and might even be opening a door to a brand new addiction!
  2. Ignoring Sports. In LA, the seasons don’t change, and time exists only as a weird amorphous blob where months pass like weeks and suddenly it is the middle of March. This gives me even less awareness of important sport times that other people are paying attention to, and because I don’t live mere blocks away from a baseball hellscape anymore, it’s not being shoved in my face. It all washes right over me, along with what holidays are coming up, which day rent is due, and how old I am.
  3. Small, Nervous Dogs. I was terrified of dogs as a child, and while I got over the fear, I never really became a dog person. But lately I’ve been hanging out with a couple of tiny dogs with tiny anxiety disorders, and their stress makes sense to me. I, too, sometimes shake for no reason and need to be constantly comforted. Often I have heart palpitations and I don’t know why. And my legs are much shorter than they should be.


    Panic attack in progress.

  4. Staying Hydrated. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately. If I go to the doctor, I’m pretty sure they’ll ask me questions like, “Are you getting enough sleep?” Are you drinking enough water?” “Do you exercise?” Obviously: no, no, no. This one seems easiest to address. For the last week, I’ve been drinking a lot of water. Like, actively drinking water. All day. For some reason, I feel a lot better! Also I can’t stop peeing.