Jackfruit is Crazy

One of my prime lifestyle ambitions at the moment is my quest to find the perfect sandwich in LA, and become spiritually whole in the process. I’m talking very specifically about a reliable go-to sandwich that costs less than $7 (okay, less than $10) and makes me better understand the meaning of life.. I’ve gotten a series of recommendations from friends (and Yelp), and created a sandwich spreadsheet to guide my journey.

SandwichQuest: Part One was a trip to Organix deli and fancy-hippie grocery store in Eagle Rock. I walked there with my friend Jen, who read an article about it and was interested in their fancy vegan wares (neither of us are vegan). Organix does not have a public bathroom! I had to pee pretty badly and was really assuming they’d have one. It factored into my experience a little, so just pretend you have to pee while you read this.

We both ordered the puerco, which is a jackfruit BBQ sandwich. Jackfruit is a fruit (you can guess this; you’re not stupid) but if someone told me I was eating pulled pork, I would have believed them. I don’t eat a lot of pork, so I’m not the foremost authority on this subject. Either way, the fruitmeat was good, the bread was good, and there was some cabbage on top with a purplish sauce situation that I found very enjoyable. While this won’t be a go-to sandwich (Eagle Rock is too far away, and this sandwich contained neither turkey nor avocado), I do highly recommend it.

Grade: A

Spiritual Wholeness Quotient: On par with staring at a waterfall as it thaws after winter. (I had to pee.)

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